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Journal of Public and Professional Sociology

Special Issue:
Georgia (and the New South) On My Mind: Southern Culture in the Peach State and Beyond

Submissions due January 15, 2015

We need no longer say that “The South Shall Rise Again!” It already has. If America is going to experience a renaissance, it is going to start right here. As what has become the most vibrant part of the nation, this is the place where new ideas and energetic innovation have found a home. If we southerners—and that includes a host of “carpetbaggers”—sing the blues, it is only because we want to. Otherwise, there are too many good things happening for us to be sad. However, we know the south is not perfect. It’s a place with a long history of conflict and cultural clashes. How is the legacy of our past continuing to unfold-for worse as well as better? What still needs to be done? In order to explore these questions, The Journal of Public and Professional Sociology is sponsoring a special issue entitled: Georgia (and the New South) On My Mind: Southern Culture in the Peach State and Beyond. As the flagship publication of the Georgia Sociological Association, our goal is to bring greater awareness to the social and intellectual contributions made by our members, colleagues, and neighbors.

What is unique about the South? What is taking place here and now that is both emblematic of this section of the country and nationally or internationally significant? By the same token, what about the history of this region laid the foundation for the current resurgence as well as current problems? Are there stories about Georgia and the south that deserve telling?

We at the JPPS are looking for a wide range of offerings. Everything from scholarly research (both qualitative and quantitative), to book reviews, to personal memoirs will be considered. Articles on teaching, travel, and/or experiential learning are also welcome.

This special issue is intended for publication in spring 2015. So please go on-line and tender your submissions on our journal’s website by January 15, 2015. Papers will be peer reviewed, but be aware that our ambition is to be both innovative and practical. In short, we take the notion that we serve both the public weal and the sociological profession very seriously.

If you have questions, e-mail mfein@kennesaw.edu or ltreiber@kennesaw.edu

Melvyn L. Fein, Editor Linda A. Treiber, Special Issue Editor

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1 (2015)

Refereed Articles


Substance Use in a Rural High School: Perception and Reality
Thomas R. Hochschild Jr., Michael Capece, Valencia S. Gunn, and Kamala Glenn