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Atlantic Marketing Journal is sponsored by the Atlantic Marketing Association.

The purpose of the Atlantic Marketing Journal is to publish double blind reviewed scholarly articles in the general area of marketing, logistics and closely related areas.

Our audience is intended to be Marketing Educators, Marketing Scholars and Marketing Practitioners. Manuscripts for submission should appeal to one or more of these audiences. Manuscripts addressing empirical research, pedagogical research, theoretical development, extensions and application are all received on an equal footing.

The review process will entail a double blind peer review. The journal is listed in the Cabell Directory.

Current Issue: Volume 5, Number 3 (2016)

Love the Eclectic Nature of the AMJ

One of the great pleasures that I have as the Editor in Chief of the AMJ is to read and enjoy the manuscripts which are submitted for publication. I am amazed by the eclectic research interests of our authors. I view this as a very healthy thing. While we are often admonished in our doctoral programs to pursue a specialized line of research, few of us that teach at other than the largest research institutions have the resources to do that once our dissertation research has been exhausted. There is something about reading manuscripts which come from authors who are truly interested in the topic they are researching. So much more fresh and meaningful than manuscripts which are produced by persons who feel obligated to pursue a certain line of research. And, usually, more interesting to read as well. This issue is no exception.... Open your minds, read the papers published here, and let a breath of fresh air blow through your mind and re-invigorate your own research pursuits.



Field Trip! Assessing Business Student Interest in Plant Tours and Their Product Categories
Mark Mitchell, Gregory Turner, Robert Montgomery, and Mark Hartley


Job Shadowing Experiences as a Teaching Tool: A New Twist on a Tried and True Technique
Fred H. Mader, Deanna R. D. Mader, and Elizabeth C. Alexander