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Aging, Lifestyle and Consumerism (pp. 122-126)

Linda Jane Coleman, Salem State University
Robert Daniell, Salem State University
Mayuresh M. Kelkar, Salem State University
Nancy Cecilia Dennis, Salem State University

Gender Differences in Marketer and Non-Marketer Dominated Sources of Health and Wellness Information (pp. 127-133)

Paul J. Costanzo, Western New England University
Cynthia P. Costanzo, University of Connecticut

Marketing, Sh-Marketing: Uncovering the Effects of Advertising, Word-of-Mouth Communications, and Reputation on Hospital Selection (pp. 134-136)

Michael Petrochuk, Walsh University

Motivating Meningitis Vaccinations Using Mixed Fear Appeals (pp. 137-138)

Kirsten Passyn, Salisbury University

The Role of Social Media and Social Networking as Marketing Delivery Systems for Preventive Health Care Information (pp. 139-150)

Joseph D. Cangelosi, University of Central Arkansas
David Kim, University of Central Arkansas
Ken Griffin, University of Central Arkansas
Edward Ranelli, University of West Florida

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: The Inherently Flawed Relationship between Physicians and Pharmaceutical Companies’ Gifts (pp. 151-158)

David P. Paul III, Monmouth University

Where’s Waldo 2.0? Advancing a Scale to Measure the Likelihood and Use of Medical Tourism Services (pp.159-160)

Michael Petrochuk, Walsh University